"All of which was well and good, particularly the star turns by Carroll on 'Raining on Prom Night'"
         ~ Rick Massimo

"There is some fine comedic and singing work by the secondary characters, Bridie Carroll and William Blum are especially amusing as a pair of zaftig lovebirds."
         ~ Misha Davenport, Sun Times

"Bridie Carroll, as always-hungry Jan, sings great counterpoint and harmony with Sandy to "It's Raining on Prom Night" and with Roger to 'Mooning.'"
         ~ Omaha World Herald

"It's the dual gangs of the T-Birds and Pink Ladies that really push the musical to its most charming heights: Standout moments coming from porky Roger (Will Blum) and Twinkie-obsessed Jan (Bridie Carroll)."
         ~ Kelly Clarke, Williamette Week

"Bridie Carroll as Jan and Will Blum as Roger deserve special mention for their top-notch singing."
         ~ Daily Pilot

"The duets between Doody (Brian Crum) and Rump/Roger (Will Blum) were vocally superior to many of the songs. The same can be said for the duet between Blum and Jan (Bridie Carroll). Their sound matched with near perfection. And they had an obvious chemistry."
         ~ Carrie T. Gruman-Trinkner, Post-Crescent

"The real delight in this particular production of Grease is the quality of the voices. The supporting players in particular really 'bring it,' with fun numbers including 'Those Magic Changes,' led by Doody (Brian Crum), 'Freddy, My Love,' crooned by Marty (Kelly Felthous) and 'It's Raining on Prom Night,' featuring Jan (Bridie Carroll)."
         ~ Robin Miner-Swartz

"The most energetic and delightful couple in the play were Will Blum as the chubby Roger, and his heartthrob Jan, played by Bridie Carroll. They had a pizzazz that seemed to be absent from much of the production."
         ~ Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star

"We also enjoyed Kate Morgan Chadwick’s Frenchy, David Ruffin’s Kenickie and the chemistry between Bridie Carroll’s Jan and Will Blum’s Roger. Plus-size Roger and Jan may not be the most glamorously turned out members of the class, but their bond feels true and genuine."
         ~ Wendell Brock, Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Also excellent are Allie Schulz as Rizzo, David Ruffin as Kenickie, Kate Morgan Chadwick as the hair- challenged Frenchy and Bridie Carroll as Jan."
         ~ Joy Tipping, Dallas Morning News

"Luckily, distracting the audience from that bit of creepiness were hilarious performances by Kelly Felthous as the adorable Marty, a ditzy blonde with a preference for older guys, and Bridie Carroll as the awkward and slightly overweight Jan."
         ~ Opening Night Pieces

"Kate Morgan Chadwick brings the ditzy Frenchy to life and the other Pink Ladies (Kelly Felthous and Bridie Carroll) hit their marks."
         ~ Walt Belcher, Tampa Tribune

"Will Blum and Bridie Carroll, who play Roger and Jan, are marvelous. These two do have chemistry in their scenes together and charisma in their big solos. Both have terrific voices with real range."
         ~ South Florida Theater Scene

"Performers such as Laura D'Andre as Betty Rizzo, David Ruffin as Kenickie, Bridie Carroll as Jan and Will Blum as Roger turn their secondary characters into real, recognizable people."
         ~ Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Tracy Turnblad (played beautifully by newcomer Bridie Carroll), a 1960’s Baltimore teenager whose dream to be a star on a popular local TC dance show morphs into a battle over inclusion among the city’s white and black teenager."
         ~ Gina Perille, Boston Globe

"As Tracy, Carroll has stage presence to spare and a terrific voice. She sets the tone for the entire ensemble with the sense that she is thoroughly enjoying herself."
         ~ Terry Byrne, Boston Herald

"Sure Bridie Carroll as Tracy Turnblad – the girl with the big hair and even bigger dreams – was a standout, as was Paul C. Vogt as her overweight but spirited mother, Edna. On stage, whether in a scene together or apart, they were electric. To Carroll's credit, she appeared in most scenes, singing and dancing like a veteran trouper, belying her recent graduation from the Boston Conservatory."
         ~ David Liscio, Daily Item

"The exuberant Bridie Carroll embodies the dynamic spirit of a rampager for racial equality, right from the get go with the delightful opener 'Good Morning Baltimore.'"
         ~ Joshua Shea, In News Weekly

"Playing the heroine Tracy Turnblad is the super-talented, lovable Bridie Carroll; she would definitely win any political office she ran for! She is a uniter, not a divider."
         ~ Rachel Rome, Art Notes

"Bridie Carroll as the tenacious and true blue Tracy belts and bee-bops with ease. She grabs us right from the start with her rousing 'Good Morning Baltimore' and keeps a firm grip on our hears with the lovelorn 'I Can Hear The Bells.'"
         ~ Jan Margi, Broadwayworld.com

"In this plot our tubby teen heroine Tracy Turnblad – cheerfully sung, danced and acted by Bridie Carroll – has no problem whatsoever with her own self-image. Carroll can really dance up a storm as Tracy, has a charming and versatile singing voice and employs enough cute white tones to give her that teen-sounding voice. Carroll's voice can also be endearingly sweet and mellow, as it is during her duet 'Without Love' sung with her new boyfriend, teen idol Link Larkin."
         ~ Sally Applegate, Community Newspaper Company

"And then ther'’s Bridie Carroll's Tracy. From the moment she appears singing 'Good Morning Baltimore' with the kind-of determination that would make Mama Rose proud, Carroll embodies the role. Her wide-eyed enthusiasm as enormous appeal, and she sings with a firm belt that perfectly evokes Tracy’s big personality. She also can dance (her rendition of a dance she calls Peyton Place After Midnight is hilarious,) making her ideal in this hugely demanding role."
         ~ Robert Nesti, Edge

"Bridie Carroll, who starred in North Shore’s production of  'Hairspray,' is wonderful in her brief moments in the spotlight during this production."
         ~ Sally Applegate, Community Newspaper Company

"Last year’s IRNE award winner, Bridie Carroll shows off her voice in several numbers and plays Martha, one of the smart girls."
         ~ Tony Annicone, Theater Mirror

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